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The damask boxes add a pretty visual, while storing specialty threads that I don't use very often.

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dress them up with matched or mismatched antique chairs, modern brushed aluminium, iron garden chairs for a lovely country feel or long benches.

That's just a few of the wonderful choices you can make!. Vi spiser salat, masser av salat, hver dag. Jeg plukker inn mye mer enn det som faktisk får plass i salatskålen, men. like vel må jeg ta enda en bøtte blad og legge den på komposten. Jeg har jo salat nok til en restaurang. My second post on this year's AFA will be pics focus on anything adorable and kawaii. Rising in popularity and demands are these Bishoujo, character figurines and even doll. We tend to like some characters in anime and that usually tempt us to getting those figures. I'm speaking from experience and it's always an emotion struggle dealing with budget and storage space. Somehow, Idol Master seems really popular and they even had their own booth this year. I did watch a few episodes of the anime however it's not quite the cup of tea for me. The Chicks have Arrived!Every day, after school, Julia and I have to do some kind of activity. It runs the exciting gamet of going to the Fedex drop box to mail off a project that must be at a photo shoot the next morning, going to the post office hoping to find an order in our PO Box, running to the grocery store - the stuff of life. But today, we went to pick up our brand new chicks at the Bernardston Grain Store. Walking into the Post Office or the Grain Store and hearing the deafening "peep, peep, peep" is a sound I wait to hear. The girls boxed up our assortment of Aracaunas, Buff Orpingtons, and one lone Brahma and we were off. We set them all up in a smallish box with some grain, some water, and a clip light to keep them warm. Our biggest challenge will be keeping the kittens, Cookie and Ginger, at bay - they are fascinated! Tomorrow I will find a larger box and they'll have some more room to run around. Kudos to our colleague over at Restore DC Catholicism. I have "copied" this from her website and I encourage all of you NOT to donate. Discussing the key points problems does not seem to work. Shame does not work. Therefore, withholding money is the last resort. It's really for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. In recent years, the CCHD has garnered some very bad publicity - and yes, the CCHD has earned its terrible reputation in spades. We are pairing up with them this month to bring you some fun tutorials and lots of inspiration. First off I just have to say I am having so much fun with this little dandy! It makes it so easy to create perfect folds. Now My idea started off with deciding I wanted to try out making some home-made pinwheels. I have seen such sweet ones here and there and finally decided it was time to create some of my own. I off course ended up making a pocket for all my goodies. It's that time again! Our Featured Designer this month is Vicki Bellino of Bloom Creek. Vicki was kind enough to tell us a bit of her story. Enjoy! My thanks to Jennifer for giving me the opportunity to be a featured designer on her web site and for promoting my newest block-of-the-month called Vintage Rouge. Though I loved the creativity of the design involved in machine quilting, I still hadn’t truly discovered my passion. I was fortunate enough to be provided the opportunity to market my first few patterns and teach my designs at a local quilt shop. This ultimately led to the creation of Bloom Creek and my first pattern, Blooms for Annabelle. parking on the Cambrian apron. parking on the South side. Cue’s, about three years ago when I first discovered the joy that is stamping. Khnumhotep and Niankhkhnum embracing from a relief from their shared tomb. Both of these men are recorded as married with children, yet their physical affection for each other is shown candidly in the tomb's paintings, and is unusual for Egyptian art, especially from this period. They chose to be buried together, and not with their wives. Short stuff — ABA and ANA, ABLE, AMEN and AMES, AMT, ARMS, ASPS, AYE, BRO, CARL, DIEU, EAST, EMO and ENO, ETNA, GASH, GINA, GURU, HAM, HON, IANS, ILE, ING, ISR, KAHN, LOC, MAIN and MEIN and NEIN, MAYA, MSN, Alley OOP, ORCA, OPAL, PIED, RAID, RAW, RHO, SENT, SLO-mo, STR, TIL, TRAM, UMA, USED, USN, WDS, Gen XER. Buckle in, kids, because it's about to get very bumpy. Meanwhile, watch as your Crazy Uncle Liberty is effortlessly reprogrammed to dance to Vlad the Elector's tune. And there were more bunny sightings, people egg hunting, more picture taking, and more precious stuff that just needed to be documented!Gotta love pictures of my bunnies!. S. cities safer than them on the crime index. Either that or sheep with no sense of history. Cute Card Thursday 'In The Water' ChallengeThe challenge at Cute Card Thursday this week is 'In The Water', You can use an watery image on your card and we have some fabulous Alota stamps to give away. I have made a pop up card using the wonderful sea themed stamps from High Hopes. Congratulations Dorothy! Please visit my online store and select an image you would like. This weekend's theme is.

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