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In case you hadn't noticed.

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The sculpture standing in the plaza near the main entrance to the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa consists of four rectangular pillars, each one a different color. The steel pillars have a square cross section, and the four pillars mark the corners of a square. Some years ago, teachers Ron Lancaster and Mary Bourassaa created a math trail to lead high school students on a mathematical adventure through the National Gallery. Each student carried a detailed itinerary, featuring a variety of math-related activities, for the visit. Molinari's columns were the first stop on the tour. Supplied with string and tape measure, the students had to determine whether the four columns are truly located at the corners of a square. For the second exercise, one person stood at each column. Coe Steinwart Place Matts How about a brand new set of place matts to liven up your Thanksgiving table? And each of them will be printed from one of Coë's original watercolor paintings? Order yours now. . Inspired by the famous plinths in Trafalgar Square, a ‘mobile’ Fifth Plinth will host readings of Brontë’s masterpiece Jane Eyre at four locations: the Sir John Soane's Museum, the National Portrait Gallery, the London Review Bookshop and the British Library. uk. Or you can just turn up on the day and put your name down to read - we will try and get through as many as we can. Everyone who does read will get a unique blue plaque-inspired badge. Thanks for watching. divirtam-se!!! With love, Dinha. Spotted on: Soul Culture A new Soul star from UK. Andreya begun singing and songwriting from the age of seven taking influence from her mixed surroundings and cultural background. It was with this collective of talented and musicians, called Bootis that was to form the bench mark for her 'musical education'. source: Leedsmusicscene. Frazier accepts Impact Award on behalf of Nash Staff. Also pictured, Principal Rennda Branson and Superintendent Dr. Bob Morrison. “I also work at a Title I school where our students and their families have many needs including educational, financial, physical and emotional. ” With the assistance of Frazier and the staff at Erma Nash, a mutually beneficial partnership between Nash Elementary and COH was born. Church members were also able to make an impact throughout the holiday season. A Key Largo man was arrested in North Carolina in the early morning hours today by U. S. Marshals. He will be returned to Monroe County to face charges which include eight counts armed sexual battery, possession of material depicting a sexual performance by a child and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. The teen victim reported the abuse to a school resource officer who called in the Sheriff s Major Crimes Unit to investigate. The deer are out on the bean fields in the evening. must be all the peas and beans in their diet! Deer silhouette I can see you but I am too well hidden for you to see me! A fawn with spots was trying to hide from us. Our evening drives often include deer sightings. Chance thinks it is great fun!. Saturday was the VEX Robotics Tournament in Northern Minnesota. Son In Law Andy is a Robotics Instructor.

Noah is on a team, Adam is not quite old enough yet.

so there is no waiting between matches. Talk about the water cooler talk of the day. This is it. And most surely will. We will discuss this with TJ Simers of the LA Times and Glenn Dickey of the SF Examiner on the radio show today. Today I'm showing you another beautifull new Blackbird-desing , it's 'Reward of merit thread keep'. I enjoyed a lot stitching this design just pefect for this time. Have a Happy Easter everybody.

On this blog you will find lists of regimental number series.

I felt sure that there was method to the way in which regimental numbers were issued, and so it turned out to be. I want to use this opportunity though, once again, to talk about duplicate regimental number series. I have covered this topic periodically over the eight years that this blog has been in existence, but it does no harm to cover it again. With the exception of the Rifle Brigade, all regiments have started a new regimental number series. Sweater: Ann Taylor Loft. Skirt: Moda Int’l. Tights: Simply Vera. Shoes: Steven. Bracelet: Macy’s. Who says a pleated skirt has to be sweet valley high-esque? It can still be professional and chic when paired with classic items such as I did here. I was probably most excited about Saturday afternoon. After a refreshing morning run and lunch from a yummy taco shack, we headed back across the bay to Sausalito. The six of us enjoyed a lovely, laid-back afternoon along the waterfront.

When dinnertime rolled around, The Spinmaker was an easy choice.

It overhangs the ocean, serves deliciously fresh seafood, and provides incredible views of both Sausalito and San Francisco.

We went on a pretty walk after dinner and ended up at the famous Vina del Mar.

Elephant pillars grace the entrance and a large fountain serves as the focal point of the quaint little park. Our amigo, Juan Calypso, over at Viva Veracruz, has donned his Beelzebub outfit. So far, he has not tempted me with "all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. He is in Las Vegas.

And one of his first stops was Fry's Electronics.

He described, in almost sensual detail, the joy of walking the aisles of one of the best electronic stores in the United States. I hope to follow in his footsteps next month in Oregon. Fulle til bredden er kassene, i hvert fall noen få av dem. Som denne, den som skulle gi meg store fine palsternakker akkurat nå. Det ble jo ikke noe av dem så jeg sådde frø og priklet over noen sommerblomster, litt vel mange kan man nok si nå. Det viktigste er vel enda at jorden ikke står tom, eller? Fortsetter godværet kommer det bli en riktig frodig blomsterbukett her i september. Vallmo kommer det og. Når man har ut frøer ser det så lite ut, siden må man tynne, tynne og atter tynne oppdaget jeg. Last weekend Mama & Papa TM came along with the Count and I to go check out our future neighborhood after dark.

Had I gone after dark I never would have moved there.

I'm sorry but I can't do the whole neighborhood out all night, and half the neighborhood getting arrested in one swoop. As we were walking we saw people on the ground floor with their blinds wide open watching huge flat screens. Polar Bear Blog – Bear Attacks and Sea Ice Debates Now, I still think that our projections are a bit skewed in the fact that our ‘baseline’ is likely a decade of heavy ice and that if we had ice data extending further back, this decline would likely not seem so drastic. Its just a bit funny to watch the same people who reported last year’s record low as proof of global warming – when an anomalous arctic cyclone really had a lot to do with it – now claiming that this increase in ice extent is, itself, an anomaly. And, of course, the other side arguing the opposite… And on it goes. It's friday! finally! and here is the last of three for the Happy Scenes set. It’s time for recalling the past year’s highlights of birding, ringing and photography. In the early part of the year we holidayed in Egypt at a time when the country was undergoing a revolution, but the confiding birds hadn’t joined in the turmoil and just behaved naturally for a visiting Brit. Egypt proved to be a wonderful place for bird photography and so difficult to select just a few pictures, apart from the Kingfisher which is just about my favourite photo of the year, taken with a decent choice of aperture for once. Kingfisher - Egypt Cattle Egret - EgyptI’d left Will counting Siskins building up by the hundreds in his garden, together with a dozen or two Brambling and Lesser Redpoll. Within days of returning from Egypt I joined him for some memorable ringing sessions and notable breakfasts. R. R. Bush. R. MendelJenny Packham, via nymag. Uncle Dheer spent one Saturday with us. He is fond of simple fresh food. Both Uncle Dheer and my Dad are very meager eaters. One cannot make an elaborate meal for these two so the menu was Thatte idli, chutney and sambhar for lunch. Dinner was going to be Gazpacho with Cream crackers and Fresh pasta. Macaroni and Cheese is what I made, simple fresh and hearty. Uncle Dheer enjoyed it. Add the Macaroni into it and cook till al dente. Drain the cooked pasta on a mesh. There are many kinds of Kabsa and each kind has a uniqueness about it. Pre-mixed Kabsa spices are now available under several brand names. These reduce preparation time but may have a flavour distinct from traditional Kabsa. The spices, rice and meat may be augmented with Almonds, Pine nuts, Onions and Tomatoes. Beyer: If Orb is going to win, I want like to see him deliver a truly great effort. He could do so. And he may continue to improve. His trainer, Shug McGaughey, takes his time developing horses. And, like Orb, that colt ran three times at three before the Derby - winning the Swale, Gotham, and Wood. So I had to depend on the Head Chef, and, despite excellent positioning in the paddock, this photo above was the only usable pre-race shot she got of winning jockey Kent Desormeaux. "I blew the money shot," she explained. Actually, it appears she was late pulling the trigger across the board.


It's snowing!That's right folks. Now the flakes are larger and starting to stick on the ground. It's after Easter, for heaven's sake!. TNTDogLoveArt: BANK STORY RE: DONGAfter RayRen's tweet about the dong, I called one of the banks in my small town.

I asked him to please do the math again, and he said, "That's what's on my screen.

" Then I asked, "Can you verify this? I don't want to drive all the way there if it's not true. "So, he called the main branch. They told him, "That rate has already expired. " It was back to the normal rate. I asked him when the rate expired, but he said that information isn't on his screen, so he didn't know. I called a couple of other banks, but they both just had the normal rate. .