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It is a quick and easy layout.

Betty will be your next step along the way. I think cupcakes are pretty much the most perfect baked good. A scrumptious morsel of cakey goodness covered in icing? Filled with fruit? Topped with ice cream? Yes, please! It doesn't get much better than that! For this month's hop, I shared my love of the oh-so-craveable cupcake! I used the Small Packages stamp set to create this card, paper piecing my cupcakes with pretty, sugary papers. "They’re normally like chupacabras. The only thing they’re looking for is someone to give them money for free. " However the devil is in the details reproduced below from paragraph six: Financing– Removing financing restrictions for most types of authorized exports. S.

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njcl. I used the May Stamp of the Month to create this fun pinwheel garland. To attach all the pieces together I used my sewing machine on the bottom layer and the added more pinwheels over the top. The U. S. m. Sunday, suspended its long-range air search for a crewman reported missing from a Korean-flagged container ship. Late morning, early aft. drhawass. Written by the inimitable Zahi Hawass in collaboration with underwater archaeologist Franck Goddio, this richly illustrated book chronicles the life of Cleopatra and the centuries-long quest to learn more about the queen and her tumultuous era, the last pharaonic period of Egyptian history. For the crowds nationwide who will visit the blockbuster exhibit—as well as the huge readership for popular illustrated histories such as this—Cleopatra and the Lost Treasures of Egypt holds rare glimpses and stunning revelations from the life of a star-crossed queen. Source Windsor Smith Design Source Lisa Pomerein Photography. Precision: The mistaken US-led coalition bombing of a Syrian military position Saturday is being excused by US spokesmen, claiming that it “may have happened because the personnel weren't wearing military uniforms. ” Nice to know what the targeting criterion is. They were often employed in jobs that did not require a degree, but made more at them than non-degreed stiffs. Liberal arts grads were three times as likely to be underemployed than chemical engineers and biologists. Fine Point: Paul Krugman is urging us to “vote as if it matters. ” As if. Asked & Answered: “What Have We Learned From The Crisis?” Well, if 'the crisis' is the Recent Economic Disaster and the 'we' are the economists, then the answer is: Not much, mostly what doesn't work to wrest the economy away from Wall Street and get it started again. Our lives are governed by the machinations of institutions, both public and private. They are inescapable. Wouldn't our lot be happier if we had a window onto the internal workings of these monoliths of power? Wouldn't our society be freer and the body politic healthier if we knew more about how and why certain decisions were taken? This preamble is by way of wishing and hoping that the denizens of the superstructure of our society dash to the loo with their Smartphones and begin to blog away. The more these people blog then the deeper our understanding into the internal workings of the systems that guide our existence. Obviously my bent is towards the penological, and as the only blogging British convict I would hope that along the way I could offer a window onto the prison landings. Still up to my eyeballs work-wise here, but this is something to cheer you. “Today it’s smoking, next we’ll have to prohibit greasy food or driving a car. We have to stand up against it and to defend freedom. For now, not even the pro-European left promises change. We are ready for a #FearlessSummer. eenews. But oh well, I have to work to pay for all my stamping treasures, Right! I have used this adorable little bear called Sick Bear and the sentiment Thinking of you.

I picked the papers to go with it because they remind me of jammies.

I colored him with copic markers and layered him with a scalloped rectangle spellbinder die. My husband's cousin, Pastor James Carr of Greenville, North Carolina was shot and killed in his home by a burglar. We just received news of his passing.

Jimmy spent his adult life serving Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

He served as a missionary in Tanzania and Kenya with YWAM. He served as a pastor at Williamston First Presbyterian Church, Oakland Presbyterian Church, Life Song Evangelical Presbyterian Church and Covenant Methodist Church. He was a devoted husband, father of two and grandfather of one. He was shot in the chest and his dear wife witnessed the shooting. She must have been so terrified because not only had her husband been shot, but she was unsure if the gunman was still in their house.

by Phil Johnsonecently I got an e-mail that raised an excellent, but difficult, question about apologetics.

My correspondent was trying to make sense of the inevitable tension we face in those moments when we are called upon "to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you. with gentleness and respect"—and yet we know that the best biblical answer we have to someone's question or challenge is strongly counter cultural and possibly even offensive to the person we're speaking to. My friend wrote:I attended a weekend seminar on "Cultural Apologetics" taught by a well-known philosopher/apologist. Toward the end of the final session, the professor opened up the floor to general apologetics questions. One gentleman asked, "How do I defend the sacking of Canaan by the Israelites?" My answer was that the Canaanites were destroyed because they were an abomination unto God. आजकालचे व्यस्त जीवन आणि दुनियाभरच्या प्रदूषणामुळे आपल्या केसांचे वाईट हाल होतात. यामुळे केस निर्जीव दिसणे आणि अवेळी सफेद होणे सामान्य झाले आहे. या समस्ये पासून सुटका मिळविण्यासाठी निर्जीव आणि कोरड्या केसांवर ड्राई हेयर उपचार करा. हे तुम्ही सहजपणे तुमच्या घरी पण करू शकता, चला पाहूयात यासाठी काय केले पाहिजे. Hair Care Tips for Dry Hair in Marathi केसांसाठी सर्वात चांगल असतात ते अंडी आणि दही. Yesterday MSNBC employee Joe Scarborough snuck into the Centrist wing of the Beltway pundit bunkhouse and stole the keys to David Brooks' "Voice from Nowhere" dirigible so that he could soar safely high, high above the scurrying masses of "cloistered. From the Washington Post:.

This is my Spamcatcher Mark II.

It is an imperfect beast but I have grown attached to it. For years I kept this thing as a semi-permanent post at the top of my blog. I'd fiddle with the posting date every few weeks to trick it into appearing as lead post, and in return it acted as my faithful minesweeper/linebacker, keeping the rest of place mostly clear of spam. Every few months I'd clean it out because the volume of impacted robot advertising stool would start to affect the the rate at which the blog loaded. Things change.


Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick's Bridgehampton, NY kitchen, pictured via elledecor. Gucci studded leather sandals. The Kelowna Rockets managed the impressive feat this weekend with back-to-back wins against the Kamloops Blazers and Vancouver Giants. If their was any thought that the team had lost momentum they had gained after a strong first half, that was all erased this weekend with two significant victories. Saturday night's win in Vancouver came against a Giants team that is no slouch. The best scoring chance came when rookie Justin Kirkland missed a sure goal on a slow developing three on one while shorthanded. Kirkland wasn't the only Rockets player that missed a glorious chance to score. - Big Brown will once again run with front bandages. "We should have used them in the Florida Derby," Dutrow said. "It's not a big deal. Scot Waterman, the executive director of the Racing Medication and Testing Consortium, told the NY Daily News that Dutrow's monthly use of the steroid Winstrol would make Big Brown test positive in ten states in which the drug is allowed for therapeutic use only, in line with the RMTC's guidelines. So why worship only the Lord? Doing so prevents spiritual blindness, spiritual foolishness, and spiritual ineptness.

Take some current magazines and have members look for pictures that show what people worship today.