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I am actually done with this group of the collection and ready to put on etsy.

There are more to follow, and I am listing late tonight.

Thank you, to those who inquired "when" they would be ready for sale, I appreciate your patience. Pella already had him. a lovely sweet card in a beautiful white package with a dotted taped cross. Simple can be so beautiful! Yes. A modern-day version of Jane Eyre. He loses a hand. Sourced from Alphastuds. You do not have to be a FDBA member to attend. m. , Apple ValleyDakota County Law Library Apple Valley, MNSpeakers: Dan Kufus & Edward F. Kautzer Ruvelson and Kautzer, Ltd. More Information.

He was charged in connection with multiple vehicle burglaries which took place in the Marathon area late last week.

An expensive pair of Costa sunglasses, stolen from one of the vehicles, was recovered from the suspect and will be returned to the owner. More charges are pending against him and more arrests of additional suspects are expected. If you want to name one after yourself, go right ahead. He cried, "If I buy stocks from the Sachs and the Kochs, Does it mean that I , too, have no soul-io? And Cognitive Dissenter gets the Bleeding Feather Award because she wrote a great limerick about the duckling cannibalism nonsense that went on last year: Hannibal Duck had no teeth Said "Thee how my pinfeather bleedth.

" Amy said, "You taste nice!" And he yelled, "Jethuth Chritht! Thomebody call the po-leeth!" To top it all off, Ronna baked the most magnificent duck cake for the occasion: Inside it was checkerboard chocolate and vanilla.

WOW!! If you want to see more of her amazing cakes, visit and like her Ronna's Cakebook page. Jacobs, Ontario. But yes, I admit it, we will eat their unhatched children, aka eggs. The chicks are Harco Black and Shaver Red Sex-Links. You can learn more about those breeds on the Frey's site. "But mostly, they are just AWFULLY CUTE:Here's the Chicken Whisperer, looking at the thirteen new girls in his life:They eat, drink, poop, peep and sleep!The Proud Chicken Papa, with one little black chick peeking up at me. We always see the Olsen twins rocking sunglasses, but rarely do we see them with eyeglasses. Here are two ways Ashley does it with Oliver Peoples glasses.

Sorry folks while we hate to interrupt all the rumors and stuff but we were able to get some actual news and wanted to share it with you.

Guy Chouinard who is both head coach and director of hockey operations for the Rocket was kind enough to take the time out to give us insight on both prospects. It is refreshing in that Chouinard pulls no punches in what he says. In case you did not know who Guy Chouinard is then some background is very much in order here. In other words, this is a person who's opinion has a lot of experience behind it when he speaks. I think I will be looking for leadership from Chris, and his personality to be consistent day in and day out. Thanks to everyone who played along with us last week! We're back again today to start another week off mojo style. To play along, just make a project using the provided sketch. Upload it to your blog or online gallery and leave a link using the Mr. There is no time limit - you can always play any week at any time, but I will close Mr. That way there's no confusion which Mr. Four thin lines frame the ship. The stamp's country of issue and value in small black upper case lettering in turn surround the frame. The issue came about through mischance. An anticipated delivery of stamps by ship did not arrive so the local postmaster, E. T. in time Sticking with the letter G here. doh! Generic were from New Castle England, and were pretty far off from generic sounding.

it was amazing! we run out of cards, we didn't expect so many people! it was a great craft morning, happy to see how people enjoyed crafting together, learning and sharing, laughing and spreading love.

we need more!! i got home with a super dose of good vibes and happiness, and very grateful.

entre otras caras conocidas. Good morning, guys. It's late here in Chicago, but I wanted to slip this update in before I went to bed. Julien went pretty deep into the tournament at Roland Garros. And he's a Frenchman. The photo ops for Julien were pretty good and a lot of photographers got some nice pics of him in his white tennis shorts. Thank goodness for the grand slam tourneys!. The only way that I am able to eat healthy is taking the time to cook things that have lots of flavor and mimic some of my favorite unhealthy foods! One of my favorite things in the world is Pad Thai and while it's not the worst thing to eat, I really like finding ways that I can be a little bit healthier. Right now I am loving zucchini noodles or "noodles". They are a great option for paleo or gluten free diets and I like using them as a noodle or pasta substitute in my favorite dishes. All you need to create vegetable noodles is either a julienne peeler or a spiraliser. Heat a large skillet. Add two of tablespoons of coconut oil. My latest online class Sketch Into Spring is well underway and while I can't give away everything away from the class I thought it would be fun to share a little peek into one of my favorite lessons on watercolor blooms- Watercolor blooms result when pigment spreads on a wet surface, creating a bleed effect or "bloom". While many traditional and technical watercolor painters don't like the "bloom" effect, I LOVE it! In fact I use this technique most often when I am creating loose, abstract and messy watercolor backgrounds that I sketch over the top of. The technique is super easy and really fun for artists of all ages. Start by wetting down the surface of your paper with water. Next, dip your brush into pigment. Drop the pigment onto the wet surface and watch that color BLOOM! Add different colors and have fun letting everything run and bleed into each other. Take it a step further and use rubbing alcohol to make those blooms change. First of all a lot of people are confused about this latest update. I have to keep you guys excited about the game, provide a good flow of content updates, and I also have to keep the game stable and secure.

To make something fun you have to have an element of surprise.

People are surprised by unexpected and new things. This update was an attempt to shake things up a little and add some nice but temporary surprises. Guys I will let you decide the fate of the dogs for this game, please vote on the poll and let your voices be heard. I think I am off. suppose to leave yesterday.

and couldn't get away in time.

So today. About seven years ago I directed a dreadful Christmas play called Why the Chimes Rang. Or at least that's how it is seared into my memory, which is why I haven't directed a play since. One of the characters was a young mother who was hungry and lost on a winter night. She had one line to say: "Oh, I am so weary and cold. " Thankfully the girl who played this part had a sense of humor, because for some reason she COULD NOT GET THAT LINE. "Oh I am so tired and hungry!" she would say before collapsing into the snowbank which I think was a pile of quilt batting from the sewing circle, covered with a white sheet. No no. Back up the aisle, turn around, and toward the front again, into the wind. "I am so weary and tired!" No! "WEARY and COLD. John Herriott and Cole Bros. elephants on "Jupiters Darling" back lot. Just wrapped up the first ever Cold Antler Farm Meat and Beer Workshop. Eight of us got together to brew a five gallon batch of Sweet Stout from Northern Brewer, bottle five gallons of a coffee porter, and ground and cased a plate full of beer and cheddar brats. More on the workshop tomorrow, and more Bircthorn too, but right now I am going to enjoy a good night's rest. It is snowing here, gentle and wet like all spring snows. The farm is white a few hours and I am happy and tired. Oh, and tomorrow I'll meet Merlin. Hey there Unity Peeps!! It's time for the reveal of the new STAMP OF THE WEEK! Check out this amazing stamp set! Here are some super cute samples from Design Team Members: by: Renee Aslette by: Jolande van Oosterhout by: Stephanie Muzzulin by : Shemaine Smith by: Lisa Arana If you sin up for the STAMP OF THE WEEK, you can get AWESOME stamps sent to your HOUSE each week. by Phil Johnson"The relentless neo-evangelical campaign to eliminate doctrinal boundaries has caused division rather than true unity. If you want proof of that, just look at all the broken relationships and ill will left in the wake of the recent Elephant Room fiasco. " —Phil JohnsonHere's another in our series of reposts and retrospectives from Phil Johnson. The current generation is reaping the bitter consequences of that dual failure. Phil is critical of evangelicalism's quixotic quest for admiration and stature in the secular academic world. He also has harsh words for the profound ignorance of so many fundamentalists regarding the true fundamentals of biblical Christianity.

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Sc. in Civil Eng. B. A/Masters form any recognized University. Looks great!. This is my first race in two seasons, to me if I can't ride on Sunday watching on Saturday night is just a type of self torture so I just quit going. Kind of like the difference between a brothel and a strip club I suppose?I noticed a few big changes since the last time I walked the pits, first and most importantly attendance is way down. WTF, Let's go Racing??. You should be watching this! Hatfields and McCoys.

Kevin Costner.

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They are unable to be admitted thereto from the fact that their state and condition of life objectively contradict that union of love between Christ and the Church which is signified and effected by the Eucharist.

” For these exceptional cases, the bishops wrote, “Amoris Laetitia opens up the possibility of access to the sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist. ” The guidelines, dated Sept. Greetings, Groove-ophiles! Metal Monday is back is back with the conclusion to the Metal Men/Dr. "The Hand That Shocks the Cradle Rules the World!"Cover art by Jim Aparo. In other words, CBS and the other majors are perpetrating fake news.


It's kind of interesting to watch the "progressives," the media and the Republican elites all doubling down on the kind of self-serving and deceptive crap that alienated so many from them in the first place. It's like they don't know what else to do but continue sabotaging, in the hopes that something will finally restore their "leadership. And I'm happy to announce that the NTRA has reached out to the blogosphere and invited yours truly to attend! I'll get to mingle with all those real press types, so I'm a bit nervous. cocktails? At noon? Hmmm, maybe there's something to this being a real press person after all! I'll of course be posting about the event afterwards. .