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A long time ago, a blogger I think highly of wrote a non-libertarian faq. When I came across it, some years later, I responded by email, he replied, I replied. I eventually got around to converting the exchange to a web page. Others may also find it of interest.

Someone else wrote and webbed a much longer reply.

Well, it's not so much what I'm reading, as what Deb's reading. Thanks again, Deb, for some helpful words on ministry! She's speaking particularly to mums, but what she says is relevant to anyone who struggles to find time for ministry. I think once you have children, you often have to get creative about ministry. When you are childless, the ministry options are much more open. You can be flexible about hours and no one but you is demanding an account of your time. Add a spouse, and then some kids, and the ministry options start to shrink. Juan Francisco Casas is back with new artworks and some nudes. Casas recreates photographs he’s taken using only blue ballpoint pens. DALLAS TEXAS - A child was left in a hot vehicle on Sunday afternoon. Dallas Police later confirmed the child died and they are investigating the cause. Good morning Augusta. The fog is burning off, but given the solar glare on your way to work, take some extra care time. "The life you save may be yours" This morning it is partly cloudy with fog early. You are almost there.

This ice cream cone makes me really hungry.

Shame on you! Jeanne is working on her first TIAS and has posted a picture of the first round. Also, she is going to be demonstrating tatting in October and is trying to get ready. Good luck!Maria shows us her second motif and it is crotatting. Very pretty Maria. Gina has tips on what to do and not do with a TIAS and a picture of the finished hanky. Pay-for-performance is the fashionable practice of the moment in bettering health care. But is it really a good idea?It’s meant to address a real problem. Doctors and medical facilities are paid now for what they do, not for how well they do it or for how beneficial the care is. Her work was both political and personal, and often played with the concepts of gender and sexuality. She is most remembered for her highly-staged self-portraits and tableaux that incorporated the visual aesthetics of Surrealism. But this extraordinary figure would be a star anywhere. Raiding the prop-box was only the visible aspect of her self-invention. Her gaze pulled itself away from the narcissist's mirror, turning to face those on the other side of the camera. m. They are being evaluated but injuries are reported to be very minor. The airport tarmac is currently closed until the situation can be resolved. The Florida Highway Patrol is being notified and will be the agency assigned to investigate the initial circumstances of the crash. My friend's daughter accidentally left her doll, Baby Bape, at our house. I had a little bit of hand-dyed slub left over from my scarf project, so I decided that Baby Bape needed a nice scarf for those dark, wet nights of BC winter. I hope Malina likes it! Our cat Zoë got up close and personal with Baby Bape too. Well, not of her own accord.

"Billy" Durant, who developed cars that quickly earned reputations for performance, durability and value.

Those traits remain at the core of Chevrolet, which is the world's fourth-largest automotive brand. Ancora una volta siamo a dover piangere la perdita di vite umane sul posto di lavoro, una condizione inaccettabile per il Sindacato, per i lavoratori, per la coscienza di ognuno di noi. Chiediamo che si riapra immediatamente il tavolo istituzionale di monitoraggio e di verifica sui temi della sicurezza e della salute nella nostra provincia per ridare vigore alle iniziative di vigilanza e di controllo delle condizioni di lavoro in tutti i settori. Per sensibilizzare ulteriormente istituzioni e controparti su queste tematiche e per esprimere tutta la vicinanza e il sostegno ai marittimi tutti, le OO. SS. Good morning and happy Monday! This morning I have a very fabulous giveaway for you, courtesy of Design is Mine sponsor Gwen Delicious Jewelry.

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Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hello! My name is Gina Lee Kim and I’m a watercolorist that fell in love with mixed-media and art journaling. Honestly, I’m just happy that my son will inherit all of his mommy’s art supplies! I love seeing how other artists set up their creative space. Actually it’s a shared space with my son and we love it. I pushed my black craft/painting table into the closet and hung lights. Stephen’s art table is a converted wooden bench with the seat cushion removed. It’s the perfect platform for his height. Art supplies are always available for both big kid and little kid. "Burma" with Spencer Huntley. I've had it for awhile now and was waiting for the perfect time to use it! The sentiment on the front is from the MFT Clearly Sentimental About Coffee set. Samurai Saceryuza created by Mexican graphic artist and illustrator SGTO.  A new round of literacy activity stations has begun! Easter Syllable Sort Students draw a card and identify the picture on it then clap out the syllables together in the word and place it on the correct sorting mat. barn, rainbow, butterfly, caterpillar Once all of the cards have been sorted, they choose one from each mat to illustrate on their worksheet. barn, cupcake, butterfly, watermelon To differentiate, students can write the words instead of illustrate. not for eggs, but for words! Once found, they are written onto their recording sheets. Students write lists of words beginning with each letter of the alphabet. Listening Center Students are listening to The Lamb and the Butterfly, then fill in a student response form.

It’s ready for me to hand-sew down the binding at bee on Saturday.

Today after work, I quilted my original “Counting By Fives” design quilt made with a Mary Engelbreit “Attitude Girls” honey bun. I designed and made the top in August, but it’s been waiting patiently for me to quilt it. I used to hate it… not sure why it changed, but I am glad it did!! My least favorite part of making a quilt is cutting it out. My favorite part… well, that’s a tough one.

I love selecting and auditioning fabrics, piecing the blocks, free-motion quilting, and hand-sewing the binding down.

What’s your favorite part and least favorite part of quilting?. Mice really. I'm referring to my children as mice. Country mouse to city mouse. Tell me you remember this book. Ok. So anyway. Stay with me. If you take two kids out of the country and bring them to the city, they may just sit and watch.

Until one mouse decides to join in on the fun.

Albeit timidly. amongst my liberal friends. " You would disobey, wouldn't you? This isn't Aaron's JPFO anymore, that's for sure. I was in the mood for soft and pretty today, and thankfully I found the perfect papers to fit my mood. A string of pearls and a birthday stamp finished the card off nicely. Ten down, two to go! My Personal Challenge. Charles Montreuil Dan Decker David Yeung Dorian Yates Greg Smyers Jeremy Patterson. .