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Those pictures are from two French film students. They got their hands on the Cosmoplis Film Reel. Lucky! source. "Christians and non-Christians who have the courage and the freedom to consider the peaceful political option for their lives, know they are exposing themselves to slightly less than absolute solitude, to work exclusion, to persecution, to prison or death. Speaking here of his inner freedom. A man can be free inside of a maximum security prison. His life is a testament to the power of a moral and principled resistance that confronts evil but refuses to do it with evil. Oswaldo offers a liberation in which all, both captor and captive are liberated, it is a profoundly Christian outlook. He was killed along with Harold Cepero, a youth leader in the Christian Liberation Movement, under suspicious circumstances that have not been cleared up. Friends and family of Oswaldo and Harold are asking people of good will to sign a petition requesting an international investigation into their deaths. At the same time, we do know how they lived and why their lives should be studied, shared with others and emulated. Below is a brief outline of the life of a good and courageous man who spent a life time struggling for a free Cuba. Nicholas Roberts has a big smile on his face as he shares a dinner date with his heroes at the Sheriff's Office: Sgt. Evan Calhoun and Deputies Shawn Steele and Wendy Negron. Hi gals, hope you are having a fun weekend. Mine is great so far. I went to my photography class all day. I sure learned a lot about the possible settings of my camera. Now after all this theory, it’s time to practice, practice, practice… I hope the weather is a bit warmer tomorrow, then I can take Damien and my little rebel for a walk.

I stumbled upon them a few weeks ago, and now read it daily.

I love when they take a photo and show which settings were used to get that certain effect. They also have a great free newsletter. Well. after some discovery I made a moment ago, I decided to dig up some stuffs of 'DANCING JUNK' by the SUPER MONKEYS. c. ALLA PROCURA DELLA REPUBBLICA BARCELLONA P. G OGGETTO: Emergenza Ospedale di Lipari: Assenza di cardiologi in pianta stabile e relative disposizioni di servizio. L'attuale atto aziendale prevede per l'ospedale di Lipari tre posti di cardiologo in pianta stabile. Due sono stati coperti a tempo indeterminato attraverso specifici concorsi. Con decreto sindacale n. Etsy's headquarters, as photographed by the folks at Apartment Therapy. Everything in the offices, from the decorations to furniture, is from Etsy/handmade shops. Such an inspiring atmosphere. To see more, go here. This was another great opportunity for me to delve deep into my storage binders and choose some older photos. I have been a junk food eater for as long as I can remember. I can easily pass up a piece of cake. But give me salt and grease, and I am in pig-out heaven. When I moved to Mexico, I was enthralled with the chili-lime flavor on snacks. For the first month or so. Then I really got tired of it. Observation: The Psalmist realized where his strength and peace came from. He realized that it was the Lord who gives these things and that we can't work them up on our own. God is the one who makes people strong and blesses them with peace. Application: Spending time in the presence of the Lord strengthens you so much and brings peace into your life.

Last night we had an awesome prayer service and the presence of the Lord was so strong.

When I left there I felt strengthened and such an incredible peace. Prayer: Father, I love your presence. If you prefer to read books, the kindle is the only choice that you'll want to get because of the screen. The ipad uses backlighting LED screen to light up, so it's like reading off a monitor. Actually, if you have the iphone, it'll look exactly like that - a very smooth and clear display with adjustable brightness. Kindle uses a e-ink technology - it's hard to describe but it looks very good, almost like reading newspaper. So you can enjoy the beauty of clear casted body with clear paints. Looking pretty sick. " - Kaz for BBT. pleeeease??And now my daughter is in the UAE. Read about it here. She also sends emails to Emily. There are some children's books that are great to use when teaching about the sequence of a story. A few that I use are the "Old Lady" books by Lucille Colandro and Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes by Eric Litwin. PETE THE CAT STORY SEQUENCING CRAFTIVITY Notice how Pete's shoes show the sequence of the story! STORY FLOW CHARTAnother way we sequenced the story's events is through this student cut & paste work page: THERE WAS AN OLD LADY WHO. swallowed some leaves swallowed a bat swallowed some snow swallowed a rose I hand out pictures from the story to my students before I read the book. This one here is my first attempt. i am kinda pleased with it.

Well, I haven't won a block lotto yet, but I'm still plugging away at it.

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Watched some of Question Time, holding the government to account was nowhere to be seen. The Pinstriped adorned little man, Red Russel, Back from extended holiday Ronnie Carterton, a well padded Moron wearing a rugby jersey, a little tubby whose eyes seemed to be in danger of disappearing, all conspired to make Chippie look the likely lad I the space like vacuum of leader of HM Opposition. Damien O'Connor wearing the reddist tie, was that a hint to Parker or what. Leadership was totally absent. I accept the NZLP have every right to make a pigs arse out of how they select their next candidate for death by a thousand cuts but why are they not required to do it in their own time. Joe and Josephine Taxpayer are paying the four Whoresmen of the Apocalypse to take a circus around the country while being paid well above their true worth when they should be in the house representing their "people".

I am totally obsessing about the babies genders.

I am too scared they will be wrong! I want to see proof. I have craved a ton of random foods, Im always cold, I feel like a crabby pregnant lady who is easily annoyed. I dont feel pretty and my butt has gotten a little extra cushion on it. One item I found so odd is my boobs! With Trevor and Gavin, my boobs were instantly sore and grew a ton overnight. I've never been a big fan of the Coen brothers. Wait, I'm wrong. I did watch "The Big Lebowski" again a year or two ago.

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Stewart is, like, a smart dude. " That was, um, twenty-, uh, thirty-, no, well, like a lot of years ago. When they had VHS tapes and mastodons and shit. And no iPhones!! Primitivo, man. But what a sweet, big-hearted guy. " He explains stuff. To the rest of us, who are The Stupids. Here's the rest of his bio. The hip humor, the biting satire, the fun, and the sexiness of the first issue actually ramped up a notch, with a generous dose of pathos added to the mix. E-Man creators Nick Cuti and Joe Staton were channeling the creative spirits of Jerry Seigel and Joe Shuster, Jack Cole, Will Eisner, C. C. I've added the lace to frame the image and some of the same Penelope lace is on one panel. My image is a beautiful bunny is from Bunny & Violets from Angels Landingand the gems are from Creative Charms. The dp on this one is scraps. It can be said that all the leading metaphysical characteristics like dramatic opening, argumentative approach, colloquial tone or concrete imagery -epitomize in this single poem. The title word of the poem "Collar" refers to the white band worn by the clergy, and it is the role of a priest that the poem alludes to. The word ‘collar’ in the title, therefore, symbolizes the priest's role as servant. Ironically written, ‘The Collar’ is, in fact, about the struggle to maintain faith in God, although the thirty-two of its thirty-six lines describe what the poem itself calls the ravings of a person who is rebellious against the restrictive pressures that surround him as a priest. The poem shows that the poet is involved in a deep-rooted and desperate struggle with his own soul. .