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Apropos of nothing in particular. . The Weeklies, of which Orwell identifies ten, produced by two different publishers and including two older series somewhat different from the others, were very popular reading, targeted at boys up to about fourteen or fifteen. This morning a budgie came to call. My best beloved called me to the front of the boat, where a passing walker had drawn her attention to the bird perched on Erin Mae's roof. But when I emerged, it flew off to the bridge. So I used the zoom at maximum to collect the evidence.

We're now on a section of the Leeds and Liverpool with no locks for many a mile – it follows the contours.

Based on that, the current wave structure, and what seems to be one more small wave up needed in the NYAD daily count, we can assume the market will try and take one more shot at breaking upwards. Therefore this squiggle chart here has been eliminated as a count due to the length of a sideways wave four. Its simply too big to relate to wave ii on the chart as I had it. The "Move Like Michael" contest was a nationwide search to find the most talented and original dancers who could demonstrate that they have the spirit, showmanship and technical ability of Michael Jackson. The winning act of the dance contest will perform at the official tribute concert. Video of Dutch winner. We had just been to Ally Pally when I last posted, well I've been to Chesterfield for a special workshop and met some lovely ladies - who even came to see me at the NEC the weekend just gone. It was lovely to work with everyone up there and be part of the team and to see how it all works first hand. I then had a lovely week off with Merv and Owen as it was half term for us. The week flew by, Merv and I went out for lunch several times, did some shopping and generally had a nice time. Especially developed for a couple with two young children, the house mirrors the lifestyle of the family members and provides both indoor and outdoor spaces for various activities. via. “This is your god!” That profane outburst fell from the lips of Pfc. Damien M. At the time, said appendage was pressed against the prisoner's face. This account was offered by a witness at Corsetti's court martial. That witness testified for the defense.

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I have a confession to make- I've been keeping lots of secrets over here! And while I cannot reveal everything at the moment- I have some big news that I've been dying to share! My husband and I have been working on a dream and we recently put that dream into motion- we are leaving Southern California and moving to my hometown on the Oregon Coast in June.

We are giddy and excited and more than ready to start a new chapter that will involve a more simplified lifestyle and the ability for both of us to be at home and more flexible to raise our daughter. This decision has been in the works for years and it has involved lots of questioning, soul searching, and figuring out the right time. We have known that Southern California, while wonderful in its own right, has not felt like the perfect fit for us. We both ache for the rugged outdoors, the rain, the seasons, and a much simpler way of life. This represents another dream I’ve held close to my heart: that I can share the wonders of the Oregon Coast and its unique inspiration with you. stay tuned!in not so big news- I have been hard at work on my next online class and I will be announcing the details later this week!. Jackie Ashley, who was once described as, well, not very clever, has been spewing forth on CiF. And it initially appeared that she was as deluded as described on reading this. Cameron? Libertarian? Up to now?I don't know which observers she is referencing here, but it's certainly not a description which would ring any bells in Puddlecoteville. He's not shy about divorcing himself from the idea of liberty at all.

And then, reading further, it became clear.

She wasn't deluded at all. She was merely precariously propping up a straw man and, having done so, Jackie proceeds to knock it down. I thought modern Conservatives wanted less of the state. An Open Letter to Mary McGinnity, Director of the Dept. I almost fell out of my chair. Here is what you said:“Praisner kept her faith private and did not use it to advance her political agenda. ”Did I read your statement correctly? She claims to be a Catholic, is lauded by you, and yet did not let her faith guide her actions on the Council. Are we not called upon to live our faith in our daily lives? Or is that just a big lie? We are called upon each and every day to live our faith and yet, she is given a pass because she is a politician? I guess that explains her pro-abortion stance and allowing the Montgomery Council Transgender Bill to pass. It is a very sad day, when a representative of the advocacy arm of the Archdiocese of Washington, says such things. This is just another fine example of why Archbishop Wuerl must fire Dick Dowling and the key staff at the MCC. From Cousin Michael. Stay safe. Brief updates:It was really hot. Otherwise we just "chilled" at Chad and Margaret's, a wonderful break. Paul and Matt and Jenny arrived later than expected due to thunderstorms in Baltimore. m. What is it that you like about it so much? The leather is luxurious and supple, the colors are soothing and inviting. I was pleased to see it was published by my publisher - Lantern, an imprint of Penguin. I guess we're vintage ourselves now.

There are chapters on wonderful breakfasts, drinks, desserts, sandwiches, main meals, cooking for visitors and fetes/fairs.

Hey guys, It's the first week of March, meaning it's time to review the newest store set released for the month: The Bohemian Garden. Lack of consistency here. Cultural day is the last and the most exciting day of our festival. It’s the most important day as it holds maximum points. We had UTV Bindaas as our footage partners who with their fillers and stalls provided everyone with great entertainment.

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Which is always exhilarating. From Jeet Heer at The New Republic: What Were Blogs? The demise of Gawker. Here's what killed them. Let's see where this one goes. We arrived to the party, greeted by happy faces, and the most wonderful slideshow of Bucky and family over the years. It was nice to be able to talk and eat while watching the show. It was a great time, so glad to be with family and celebrate. by unknown I am a woman and I definitely enjoy hitting guys in the balls. It is definitely a sexual turn on for me whenever I get into a no holds barred fight with some well-built cocky guy. I learned long ago that a woman trained to fight has a much better than even chance of winning a no holds barred fight with a man. While men have more muscular bodies, they are also more vulnerable to injury. A man's genitals are the great equalizer in a fight between men and women My first encounter with this type of fighting occurred when I was in high school. I ended up in a fight with the quarterback of the football team. At the time I was a cheerleader and some of the other cheerleaders and I would go to the practices to watch the boys work out. I always enjoyed watching them practice because they usually only wore tight shorts and no shirts. Some of the guys were really built. I wish I knew more about who the creators are gonna be, but the fact that J.


DeMatteis is editing the line gives me mucho hope. Stay tuned!. Thanks to all the hundreds of people who entered!!. And though Charlie Hayward told Paul Post of the Saratogian last week that the talks were "very productive and very fruitful," they have obviously not been very conclusive. The governor's office also announced the "integrity reviews" of each principal. New York Yankees general partner Steve Swindal, hotel-casino-developer Richard Fields and global real estate owner Tishman Speyer are Excelsior Racing's principals. This is one of my favorite witches. The base of her cauldron is skulls. I make popcorn balls at Halloween and fill the cauldron with them. I have one for every outfit in my closet. "I had to giggle out loud at that one! She doesn't quite have one for EVERY outfit. I show them in this post You will make your several pikes in assorted patterns and sizes and seal in your ends. I used all of the ribbons from this month's club assortment. At this point, you can fan them out and arrange them in any way you want them to lay. just a newby at this but am very excited to get it going. I am an advid crafter and just added quilting to my long list of loves. .